Melodic Dance                  Drum Dance   

Give your celebration a touch of emotion and elegant exoticism with…
a Snake Dancer!

Strikingly different, classy with a hint of decadence, this stunning and classically trained snake dancer will certainly leave your guests with memories of an unforgettable experience.

Emotion, elegance, majesty, exoticism, beauty, strength are all present in a performance from an artiste who is unrivalled in this ancient art of snake dancing. This original act-dance with an almost hypnotic power manages immediately to attract the audience’s attention and surround it completely in the magic, mysterious atmosphere created by this exotic dance.

The show is suitable for any kind of audience, event or place. It can be informal, stylised or interactive; or it can become enigmatic, sensual, exotic and mysterious.

Each dance lasts around 7 minutes and then she can spend a further 7-8 minutes dancing and mingling with your guests, who are always fascinated to be in such close proximity to this 11 ft albino python! The snake is completely harmless for the audience, and was born and raised in captivity, in a legal way. She is able to perform a maximum of three different dances throughout the evening.

The music consists of two original pieces composed by Mike Ortiz, who wrote for Miss Dynamite. It has been created exclusively for the show; under the artist’s supervision and perfectly creates the hypnotic percussion beat that is synonymous with Egyptian music, whilst another track uses the ethereal sounds of pipes to evoke the ancient art of the snake charmer.

She has a choice of two elegant manufactured outfits made of crystal and exclusively in Egypt.  One is white and the other is golden.
Each ensemble consists of: top, girdle, baggy trousers (optional) and accessories.

She has worked as a solo artist in shows and as part of a group of entertainers, at a national and international level. Having performed at private parties and events; all types of public events (including shows for royalty); promotional events (shopping centres, hotels, casinos, restaurants, clubs, luxurious party clubs, etc); shows at prestigious hotels; clubs; Receptions, circus, medieval parties, magic-acts; Cultural events and ceremonies; Ethnic Festivals - as you can see, is suitable for any type of event.

Harmony, strength, elegance, emotion, majesty, sensuality, colour, beauty… It’s a really strikingly different show.