Andy Nye Music Ltd.


Lee thompson - Pickpocket


When you need something completely different to entertain your guests, LEE THOMPSON is truly unique.

He is a professional pickpocket... but it might not just be the contents of your pockets that disappear!  Your watch, neck tie and braces could vanish before you know it... but don't worry, it's only fun!

There is no doubt that LEE THOMPSON is one of the most unusual after dinner entertainments you will ever see and if you volunteer to participate in the performance, you'll be bewildered, baffled and bemused as this modern day Fagin removes your belongings in the blink of an eye!

Whether it be as after dinner entertainment, a trade show attraction or client hospitality, the laughter and applause created by his spellbinding performance will guarantee your guests a night to remember.  His professionalism and experience shine and his skillful handling of the audience keeps even the most talkative delegate captivated!

LEE THOMPSON can also perform "close up" at the guest's reception or during the meal between courses with his card cheating sleight of hand.  Find the lady?  You'll never win, but it's fun trying!