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2/4 Marches
Mairi’s Wedding (Lewis Bridal Song)
Barren Rocks of Aden
High road to Gairloch
Brown-haired Maiden
Jennie’s Bawbee/Corriechoille
Memorial Bells of Inveraray
Captain Grant/Teribus
72nd’s Farewell to Aberdeen
MacKenzie Highlanders
Dornoch inks
P/M/W. Ross’s Farewell
Black Watch Polka
Highland Laddie
The Black Bear
Brig. Gen. Cheape of Tiroran
Donald Cameron
Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban
John MacDonald of Glencoe

4/4 Marches
Scotland the Brace
The Rowan Tree
Old Rustic Bridge
Badge of Scotland
Meeting of the Waters
The Minstrel Boy
Roses of Prince Charlie
Bonnie Hoose o’Airlie
51st Highland Division
Flett from Flotta
Lord Lvoat
Hills of Alva
Peter MacKenzie Warren
Bonnie Lass o’ Fyvie
Rose of Allandale
Battle of Killiecrankie
Hills o’ Gallowa’
Bonnie Gallowa’
Loch Ruan
Cabar Feidh
Auld Lang Syne
We’re Nae Awa’ Tae Bide Awa’
Will Ye No Come Back Again?

9/8 & 5/4 Marches
Battle of the Some
Heights of Dargai
Bathgate Gathering
The Festival March
The Iceman
Heather Grant of Strathyre
Cullen Bay

6/9 Marches
Cock of the North
Piobaireach Donuil Duibh
Doctor Ross
Angus MacKinnon
Dominic MacGowan
Glendaruel Highlanders
Mrs Lily Christie
John MacLellan
Frank Thompson
Jeanie Mauchline
Donald MacLean of Lewis
MacLeaod of mull
Leaving Port Askaig
Blue Bonnets O’er the Border
10th Btn. HLI Crossing the Rhine
Rab’s Wedding

3/4 Marches
Green Hills of Tyrol
When the Battle’s O’er
Argylls Crossing the River Po
Loch Maree
Far O’er Struie
My Faithful Fair One
Dream Valley of Glendaruel
Land of My Youth
My Land
Kilworth Hills

Slow Airs
Amazing Grace
Highland Cathedral
Skye Boat Song
Road to the Isles
The Dark Island
Flower of Scotland
Going Home
My Home
Those Endearing Young Charms
The Shieling
The Fairy Lullaby
Dream Angus
Morag of Dunvegan
Mist-covered Mountains of Skye
Mairi o’ the Bewitching Eyes
Ballad of Glencoe
Donald Ross of Vancouver
For Ireland, I Shall Not Tell Her
Tully’s Air
Mingulay Boat Song
Tay Boat Song
When the Pipers Play
Dana’s Song
Time to Spare

Popular Songs
Rule Britannia
There’ll always be an England
Land of My Fathers
It’s a Long Way to Tipperary
Goodbye Dolly Gray
Pack Up Your Troubles
Daisy, Daisy
The Quartermasters Stores
Puppet on a String
Bobby Shaftoe
Theme from Titanic
When the Saints Go Marching In
America the Beautiful
Heights of Montezuma
Yellow Rose of Texas
Red River Valley
Camptown Races
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Plus several hymns & carols

Compeltown Kiltie Ball
Molly Connel
Orange and Blue
Inverness Rant
O’er the Bows to Ballindalloch
Louden’s Bonnie Woods and Braes
Hielan’ Whisky
The Ewe wi’ the Crooked Horn
Maggie Cameron

The Piper of Drummand
Kate Dalrymple
High Road to Linton
The Kit is My Delight
De’il Amang to Tailors
Fairy Dance
Reel o’ Tulloch
The Back o’ the Moon
Captain MacPhail of Tiree
Stornaway Castle
Hungarian Fiddler
Alec C MacGregor
The Ale is Dear

The Hen’s March
The Hammer on the Anvil
Glasgow City Police Pipers
Paddy O’Rafferty
Paddy’s Leather Breeches
Cork Hill
The Rakes of Kildare
The Herrin’ Wife
Donald, Willie and his Dog
Rocking the Baby/Walking the Floor
Troy’s Wedding

Man from Skye
Newmarket House
Crossing the Minch
TrainJourney North
Jim Tweedie’s Sea Legs
The Jolly Beggarman
The Mad Hornpipe
The Piper’s Controversy

The Maestro & the Minions


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