Wraggle Taggle Ceilidh Band

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Wraggle Taggle Ceilidh Band Repertoire

A professional and talented traditional band available for weddings, parties, festivals, pubs, clubs and functions

Wraggle Taggle can tailor themselves to suit your particular needs. Guitar/Vocals, Accordion and Banjo form the "core" of the band, but they can perform as anything from a duo to a six-piece, amplified or acoustic, with or without a caller.  All their musicians have been performing, touring and recording for many years and two are award-winning performers.

They play Irish, Scottish, English and American songs & tunes, with the ability to concentrate on one particular style all night should you wish.  Additional instruments can be added as required, such as fiddle, flute, tin-whistle, double bass or percussion. Speciality instruments such as Scottish or Irish bagpipes, bodhran (Irish drum) or traditional dancers available by arrangement (subject to availability & musical considerations).

Their most common format for a ceilidh comprises four musicians plus a caller, who will teach the dances from scratch - no experience needed! Perfect for a wedding or party, it is suitable for all ages and provides a great way for people to mix and socialize. The faster dances are an energetic work out, and Wraggle Taggle also play in a more relaxed romantic mood.

Wraggle Taggle dances include: Barn Dance; Big Set; Circassian Circle; Circle Waltz; Cumberland Square Eights; Danish Waltz; Dashing White Sergeant; Gay Gordons; Hokey Cokey; I Want to be Near You; Seige of Ennis; Strip the Willow; Virginia Reel.