PLATINUM - The Live ABBA Tribute Show (70s)

The Brothers & Sisters of Perpetual Excitement (Through the Decades)

Groove Machine (Disco/Party 70s onwards

Boogie Heights (70s Soul/Disco)

Lovetrain (70s Disco)

SNOG - Glam Rock

The Cover Girls (70s/80s)

Saturday Night Beaver (Disco 70s onwards)

Disco Inferno (70s Disco)

Funkology (Soul/Funk/Disco)

The Overtures - 60s Tribute Band

The Silver Searchers (60s)

Addicted to the 80s

Mike Fab-Gere & The Permissive Society (Flower Power with a little Extra!)

School Reunion Band (80s & beyond)

So 80's

The 80's Experience

RUBIX (80s)

Wham Duran (80s)

Two & 80s (80s duo)

Might Be Bublé (Michael Bublé Tribute)

So Sinatra / So Rat Pack

The Dean Martin Experience

The Rat Pack - Swingin' at the Sands!

The Boogie Belles (Andrews Sisters & Girl Singer Greats - 40s to now)

The Memphis Belles (40s & 50s)

Adam Chandler (Rat Pack)

Blues Brother Soul Sister (Duo)

Glen Cooper - Solo Artist