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Dragonsfire is a quartet of remarkable versatility. Each member not only sings but is a multi-instrumentalist and they play a huge array of instruments. Every piece in their repertoire is arranged by a member of the group, making even the most wellknown song into something new. They draw on early music, traditional British folk song and light classical music as the basis for their arrangements, so their repertoire is a delightful crossover of musical styles. All their performances are marked by an informal, yet totally professional presentation. This original and accomplished approach has led to them being in great demand for public concerts, and for private functions and corporate events. Dragonsfire performs for receptions, dinners, product launches, weddings, parties, conferences and other events. They often perform as Medieval/Tudor minstrels but they also enhance many other themed events.

One of the main features of a Dragonsfire performance is the large number of instruments used. In a standard concert programme, they will use up to fifty different instruments, ranging from medieval and Renaissance to modern orchestral. They also use a number of national and ethnic instruments collected on their foreign tours. This list shows some of their collection, which is constantly growing.