The Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Excitement is an exciting 6-piece show band or, with the addition of their horn section, can become a 9-piece band.

   It's Raining Men (3.63Mb)        Venus (3.30Mb)

   Roll Over Beethoven (5.67Mb)         I'll Be There For You Mrs Robinson (5.21Mb)

   Full Medley (11.08Mb)       '70s Rock Medley (7.13Mb)


                 The Legend:              

A secret order of musicians who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the entertainers' Holy Grail...... a live musical show of such outstanding musicianship, repertoire and visual presentation that 100% of the audience are excited.... perpetually.

    The Facts:     

As The Brothers of Perpetual Excitement, the band have played live to over half a million people, an outstanding achievement in itself. They performed 11 consecutive days at the NEC for the International Motorcycle Show and such was the response, they were immediately re-booked to do it again the following year!

They have performed at many prestigious events including the BBC's Worldwide Christmas Party and the 50th Birthday Celebration for the State of Israel.


Looking to push the show to even greater heights and extend their already impressive repertoire, they adopted 'Sister Sarah' and 'Sister Polly' to become The Brothers & Sisters of Perpetual Excitement.

This 6-piece, totally live band present an electrifying 90 minute show, taking you on a breathtaking roller coaster, musical journey from the 50's & 60's, through the 70's, 80's & 90's and into the new millennium, guaranteeing a packed dance floor and something for everyone. They can also perform as a 9-piece outfit with the addition of their fabulous horn section!

Not just a human jukebox, The Brothers & Sisters of Perpetual Excitement also present a stunning visual show with a series of fabulous costume changes and choreographed routines, producing the ultimate entertainment package.

The Brothers & Sisters of Perpetual Excitement are the perfect entertainment for any event. With classic hit after classic hit, they deliver a non-stop performance worthy of their name!

"... perfect party entertainment - the ultimate "something for everyone" band - you were brilliant. Many thanks for making our event rock!"

Graham Walter - Vice President - UK, Middle East & South Africa - COGNOS

Experienced, exciting and always in demand, The Brothers & Sisters of Perpetual Excitement would love to add you to their list of satisfied customers.